April 2, 2009

Harold and Maude

My Granny had a Harold. He was not quite as cool as Harold, but his name was Russ Eagle and he wore a long braided pony tail. He was into hypnotherapy and loved crystals. He died last night on April Fools. My Granny told me last summer that she had a dream that one day she would be able to walk across a river and Russ Eagle would be there on the other side waiting for her. This vision never made sense to me, because Russ Eagle is thirty five years younger than her and in good health (at the time). Dear Granny, I am so sad for you, but don't follow your dream of crossing the river. It's not time, at least let me see you a few more times.

We all mourn in different ways. Look at what my brother made,

1 comment:

  1. wow! i just looked at your blog and realized that you and i posted about harold and maude within one day of each other! crazy! i had no idea! rachel- our brains are on the same wave length right now. do you believe in that?


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