March 10, 2009

it was time for the beard to go.

We live in a basement and I keep finding too many spiders. I read that 'spring cleaning' helps get rid of them. This weekend we cleaned our whole laundry room, which we use as a store room. It was filled with piles of boxes, clothes, suitcases, bags, etc...pretty much garbage. It wasn't that bad cleaning it out, because I live in the greatest neighborhood. Whenever I want to get rid of something, I just put it on the front lawn and it's gone by the next day. I can put anything out, a broken washer, the worst dresser, thrift store suitcases, lamps and they will disappear. On Saturday we propped up a bed frame on the tree in the front yard and someone actually knocked on the door to ask for it. They didn't speak English, but I understood that they wanted to know if they could take or buy. Tomar!

Now that the room is clean, there is so much space, so I've been pretending it's a sun room and a barber shop. I shaved my first beard! (David's) It was really scary. David actually had to do his neck and chin, because I was too scared. It was really fun, though. If you are ever in town and need a shave, I'll help with part of it. AND if you ever want a haircut, please let me try.

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