March 8, 2009

do you prefer baths or showers? bar soap or liquid soap?

I love to take baths and prefer bar soap, so here are my favorite bath tub pictures from the life archives.

I would enjoy showers more if they were in the rain or outside like this.


  1. Great question! I like baths only if it's MY bathtub (not at a house I'm renting) or at a fancy hotel. I don't know why, but rental house tubs gross me out. I like liquid soap that smells pretty, of course.

  2. When I was living in the old lady's guest house in Leesburg, Va., she had an outdoor shower by the pool. She kept telling me I should try it, and I finally did -- it was a-ma-zing. In the summer evening, in the sunny, hazy morning, whenevs. Magical!


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