December 2, 2008


For my Christmas present, I would like to go on a trip with secret agent walkie-talkie pens.

p.s. In high school there was something I really wanted to be when I grew up. If you know what I wanted to be and what language I wanted to learn, please reveal your identity and post the answers. I'll send the winner a postcard in the mail!


  1. you wanted to be a secret agent who spoke french and/or russian.

  2. Right, so bird on the lawn is close...but I think more specifically it was an agent for the CIA and you wanted to learn russian and czech (so you can work in Prague)- not french. And you don't get an Identity? Has Jake returned?

  3. I think future rachel doesn't remember correctly because I remember a conversation on the topic and I said that is where I also wanted to go and that was the language I wanted to learn. I think you are more wrong, so maybe I send you a postcard? How does this game work...


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