November 20, 2008

'Cat!' and moon river

I love the library! Lately I've been checking out old movies. A few days ago I finally saw 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' all the way through. It's so funny and pretty. I love how drunk and crazy Holly Golightly is and how she goes to jail, because she's part of a drug ring. And she has that weird old first husband. It's ridiculous! There were many parts I loved. I love the part where Holly and 'Darling Fred' steal masks and go to Tiffany's to get the cracker jack box ring engraved. The party scene at Holly's house is amazing. I love when she first meets Darling Fred in a dress shirt and those funny tassel ear plugs. And of course, the final scene is probably the best. I love that she names her cat, 'Cat'. When she's in the pouring rain crying out, 'Cat! Cat Cat!', it's so sad...but then she finds Cat and it's so adorable. And finally she kisses Darling Fred. 'Cat! Cat! Oh, Cat... ohh...' p.s. I also love 'moon river'.


  1. I once had a boyfriend who knew this was my favorite movie and that I LOVED moon river and so he made me a whole cd of moon river. You would love it.

  2. also, I don't know if you could tell, but at my wedding, I made the musicians learn the song so they could play it when we were announced at the luncheon

  3. that is why I love Elizabethtown, because susan sarandon taps to Moon River.


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