January 15, 2015

Café Vlissinghe: The Oldest Pub in Brugge

An amazing part of the trip was going to a 500-year-old pub. We sat down at a long communal table with six other people already engaged in conversation. I felt awkward wondering if we were supposed to talk with them and pretended to play Cluedo until the other people started including us in their conversation. We spent a couple of hours at the table talking with a wonderful group of people from Wales and Scotland as well as a bearded Belgian sea captain and his beautiful blonde wife. As the night went on the Welshman in his thirties fell deep into drunkenness and the people working at the pub stopped serving him because he was so loud, but he made us laugh and we loved him. And speaking of drunkenness, Bruges was extra special this trip because it felt like the whole town was on holiday and everybody was so happy from all the glühwein and beer on the the streets. It reminded me of the ski resort from Hot Tub Time Machine. Oh and p.s. if you like this post read this post about the bar under the church. We were lucky to go there again this trip.

The entrance.
The Belgian sea captain from Ostend on the right. I loved how passionate he was about life and the sea. He pulled out a picture of his ship from his wallet and it really looked like an old pirate ship. I ordered the same beer (the Brugse Zot from De Halve Maan Brewery in Bruges) he was drinking because I wanted to know what old sea captains liked to drink. The captain was filled with jokes so it was fitting that the beer he was drinking was named after fools. Throughout the trip I tried different beers and liked them, but I always came back to the cherry beer.  
The sea captain's wife made us take a picture. My drunk Welsh friend told me about five times that he liked my hat. He told David that he needed to be a real man and grow a real, full beard.
A beer celebrating the pub. 1515-2015.
Miss Scarlet, always a babe.
In Belgium every beer gets its own glass, including delicious Cécémel, an instant hot chocolate. 

January 12, 2015

Juliette's Artisanale Koekenbakkerij

I'm watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Vietnam (best one-liners from the episode here) right now and am thinking about this cutesy cookie post as Bourdain eats the most delicious looking brothy noodles. As much as I love sweet food and Europe, I have an insatiable desire to go to Asia and sit on plastic stools in the street while eating bowls of unknown salty food among the loud sounds of the city. But, cookies! Juliette's in Bruges is where you go for speculoos and wooden cookie molds AND the shop owner Brenda told me that she has the best selection of wooden cookie molds so don't look anywhere else but in her beautiful shop. I enjoyed Juliette's because they have an open kitchen so you can watch them bake cookies live while eating samples of all their beautiful cookies. 

We bought one wooden cookie mold and made cookies for Christmas, see here. They are a little difficult at first, but Brenda says to keep practicing and you will get the hang of it after the fourth or fifth time. She also has a video showing how to use the molds. Bedankt, Juliette's!

January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Today I am 30! Elvis would have been 80!
photo via 
& happy birthday, David Bowie! I love you too.
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December 26, 2014

Hard Candy Christmas

Here are some photos from my phone of the past few days!
Buttery cinnamon sugar cookie dough and a wooden cookie mold we bought in Brugge from Juliette's Koekenbakkerij

Christmas Eve table complete with Christmas crackers. Our crackers were filled with stick on mustaches, crowns, and inspirational quotes. 

Steak, fried potatoes, baked sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and green beans for Christmas Eve dinner.
Christmasy guacamole. 
After dinner we went to a Christmas Eve mass at the church in our neighborhood. A lady held a sword and sang an apocalyptic chant from Medieval times. Video here
Pajamas! Tea and fuzzy socks.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent on the couch watching movies and TV shows...A Christmas Story, So I Married an Axe Murderer, The Wrong Mans, and Doctor Who, Home Alone etc.
Bedtime selfies.

Christmas morning.

Breakfast casserole filled with potatoes, bread, mushrooms, jalapenos. cheese, milk, creme fraiche, and eggs before it went in the oven. 
On Christmas we went for a walk and stopped at a cafe by the palace to have chocolate cake and almond lattes. 
And then we ate tacos for dinner and spent the evening video chatting with family.
Kitty coasters!
The End! I hope you all had a happy Christmas!

November 9, 2014


Hey hey! Even if I am a little sporadic, I still really enjoy blogging and I won't let Instagram or Twitter or even Netflix and Hulu stop me from doing it more. I've had two different colds the last couple of weeks, probably from all the little snotty noses I'm around during the week. My mom came to visit for a couple of days (she left this morning) and while she was here I had an allergic reaction in the middle of the night. I think it was from the new fabric softener. My legs were so itchy and inflamed and my feet and hands were huge. I felt like a troll. I soaked in the bath for an hour and half around 5 am. It all went away by the afternoon after my Mom went out and bought me cortisone cream and some antihistamine pills while I was at work. David took care of me too, he acknowledged the size of my hands and went back to sleep. It's always nice to be taken care of when you are sick. I am obsessed with the metal tube the cortisone cream came in and it is the reason for this blog post. 
And Tippy is cute and has been hiding under blankets. More posts soon!

September 28, 2014

Rain & Beach

It had been so hot and humid that I didn't believe it would actually get cooler, but autumn came and brought rain. I really enjoy hearing church bells, but church bells with thunder and rain is even better. 
Spanish tile is guay. That's Spain Spanish for cool, but don't let me fool you, I'm awful at speaking Spanish. 
This is a local almond liquor from Mallorca. When I get paid I will buy a bottle. 
The sun came out yesterday and we went to the beach. The water is clear and shallow and turned more teal, but still see-through as we swam deeper out to a yellow buoy. The sea temperature has gone from lukewarm to feeling more like pool water so it's still perfect. 
One of the churches by my house, Santa Eulalia is beautiful from every angle. I love seeing it every day and night. 
Asturian blue cheese from my favorite little shop Embotits Es Miracle. I took a picture from the balcony because I love my neighborhood. 
A Renault from the Sixties, my dream car. 
Door knob of my dreams. I've been in love since the very first time we met. I will have you one day, but for now I will wait. 
Just a building and some shutters. 
A Mallorquin-German hybrid beer from the shop where I got the cheese above. 
I made a scary face because I was certain I was in Dracula's castle. This photo was taken during Nit de l'Art (Art night) when the whole city celebrated and there were art exhibits and museums open late and gin and lemon juice and pintxos for sale in the streets. A few days ago I saw that someone had graffitied Nit de Fart on a building. P.s. If you didn't know, Catalan and Mallorquin are the languages of the island. Everyone speaks Spanish too. 
David uncovered! 
A dog on a boat! What!
Another picture of Dave, the wave. If you made it this far, please watch this now, I laughed and cried so much. 


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