July 28, 2015

Summer List

My dress has pockets.


Swimming in the sea. Watching the balcony plants grow (Basil, rosemary, and strawberry have been growing the best.) Yoga with Adrienne. My super top secret Etsy project. Staying up late.
Favorite cheese: Aged Mahon  
Favorite fruits: watermelon, strawberries, cherries, plums, and tomatoes.
Kitchen gadget of choice: yellow waffle maker 
Currently reading: The Bone Clocks
Summer movies we've seen in the theater so far: 
Ahora o Nunca, an adorable Spanish romantic comedy, Jurassic World, What We Do in the Shadows, and Kingsman. What We do in the Shadows was so funny! I loved it! I saw Kingsman last night for 3 euros and it was amazing! I really want to live in that spy world. 
Favorite TV shows:
Humans, My Mad Fat Diary, Welcome to Sweden, MasterChef, A Young Doctor's Notebook. 
Tippy's favorite lounging place: On the bathmat by the tub. 
Favorite German Word: Agaven Dicksaft (agave nectar)

Favorite hairstyle: Single fishtail braid and pigtail braids. 
Wednesday Adams' braids
Lifelong dream fulfilled: Feeling like Mikey from The Goonies with my new inhaler. I know it's stupid, but I always wanted to know what it was like to have an inhaler. I rarely need to use it and I don't have asthma, but I got another respiratory infection with coughing, wheezing, and a phlegm covered lung a few weeks ago so the nice doctor gave me one just in case. I've been sick 3 times since I had pneumonia in February and I finally started feeling back to normal one week ago! I really feel so great! I had a checkup with my doctor and everything looked good. He gave me a prescription to get a flu shot in October. In Palma and probably the other parts of Spain, after you get your flu vaccine (vacuna antigripal) prescription from the doctor, you go to the pharmacy to pick it up and then to a clinic to have it injected. Get your flu shot! Seriously, everybody! Also, p.s. the inhaler doesn't feel cool, it's not like the movies at all.
And that's it for this post, see you next time! p.s.s strawberries are adorable.

July 11, 2015

My Love Affair With St Tropez Continues...

I'm in love with the teal door and pots! You don't need to be rich to visit Saint-Tropez. I had the best time just walking around looking at the beautiful shutters and doors while eating sandwiches and cakes in the street. It was fun to return to the parking garage and see cars fancy enough that they had covers. 
 I had the best baguette sandwich and cake at Boulangerie Delpui/Aux Deux FrèresThree women were working in the bakery and they all had the prettiest cleavage. A lady drizzled olive oil over the ham, cheese, and lettuce and it tasted amazing because the bread was extraordinary. And they were so nice too, making sure to cut the sandwich and cake in half so David and I could share. 
The tarte tropezienne, a celestial creme filled cake covered in powdered and pearl sugar named after Brigette Bardot. We had a few of them and the best one came from Boulangerie Delpui.
People even hang their laundry pretty.
Cloud head.
We both had a cough and cold on the trip, I think this is the best picture we got together. 
I love the location of this Dior. #fancy
If you click the photo, you can see the lady looking out the window on the right better. 
The sky was so blue!
Some cool shop with vintage boats and stuff.
Old walls.

Man relaxing on balcony that overlooked all the pretty yachts and boats.
So charming! Until next time.

June 15, 2015

Saint-Tropez, le marché

In Saint-Tropez, we wandered around the Saturday market, la Place des Lices under an unbelievable blue sky. I understand why Hemingway and everybody spent months in the south of France. There is so much to see that you need at least a whole summer to relax and lazily walk around enjoying the narrow streets, details, boulangeries, and magical blue sea. The natural light is special and it makes so much sense that Van Gogh, Cézanne, and those guys were so into painting around there. 

The one that got away. Why didn't I buy a pair of these gingham gems? 
The man selling really expensive art. People recommend the Saturday market to buy vintage furniture and art, I guess for people who can afford yachts. 
Soap on a rope. I couldn't afford the art, but I took home soap to last six months. I'm currently using a bright red soap that smells like sweet wine and it makes the shower look like someone got murdered in it, but it smells so indulgent...it makes bathtime feel extra fancy. 
I love the pipes!
Vintage silverware.
These basket bags were a fantastic deal, I bought the one on the right! We have similar ones all over Mallorca, but they were cheaper in Saint-Tropez.

A cafe next to the market.
I was in soap heaven.
There were so many cute dogs everywhere.
Perfect scooter.
A poster by the market, RIP Paul Walker.
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