April 27, 2015

Cabin in the Vineyards

We went to the south of France at the beginning of April and stayed in a little Airbnb cabin overlooking a vineyard. I loved having hot chocolate from the Nespresso machine at night, the groundkeeper's dog named Baloo, and the coziness of sleeping entwined in a knot at night because we would shiver if we didn't. The hot water stopped working the last day and half, but it was still a magical place to have as a base while we tried to explore way too much on one trip. 

Hammock overlooking the vineyards. 
He was huge in person and barked at us every time we left and came back.
Our first night we saw this bowling alley between St. Tropez and St. Maxime and we had to stop...we HAD to know what bowling in French was like. We had the best time playing two rounds (video here) and eating a few mini Pringles cans from a vending machine because they didn't have food and we were starving. On our way back to the cabin we went through the McDonald's drive-thru for les southern chicken jalapeno sandwichs and les frites. 

March 31, 2015


I made a collage of my Instagram photos plus a few more from our weekend trip to London in February. Even in the bitter cold (I walked around with hot pads from Boots under my shirt) it was still a great time.
Some things I enjoyed about the trip:

I loved visiting the British Museum. I enjoy seeing paintings and sculptures, but I think I might like thousand-year-old artifacts and mummies even more!

I will never get sick of eating and walking around Borough Market!

Liberty London is so beautiful, I could visit it every day.

I’m still dreaming about breakfast at Dishoom where I had a delicious and bacon and egg naan roll with a chai latte and felt like I was in Bombay in the 1920s.

We were lucky to stay with our friends who have the sweetest dog Ruby, she would jump in our bed and kiss us every morning.

Our friend invited us to go to a 60s dance party run by Die Freche Muse, a group of people who throw themed burlesque events in secret locations around London. They have a strict dress code so we spent one afternoon vintage shopping in Brick Lane and I found a cute yellow dress from the 60s and a flowery scarf for under 20 quid.

The night of the party I probably spent way too long getting dolled up and failing at cat eyes, but we put our coats on and went out into the cold hoping to dance and see some raunchy 1960s striptease. We took one overground train and one bus and arrived to the party with the most interesting mix of people (young, old, transvestites, plus us weirdos) dancing, drinking, or sitting in booths surrounded by psychedelic wall projections and the most awkward house party vibe in the room. 

Maybe it would have been more fun if it was in a really cool old mansion with chandeliers. This place felt like an old, run down recreation center, but people took our coats at the door and there was a burlesque dancer in a cat suit, but she was more like a drunk girl who randomly showed up in a cat suit, see I can’t even explain it to you, but it sounds so weird, right? It just wasn't what we were expecting.

Sorry I didn’t get your party, Die Freche Muse. You succeeded in making us laugh and laugh and after we left the party early, we all waited for a cab and it started to snow and we got to see some of the beautiful red foxes that roam London at night! Read about the foxes in London here
Ok so I did enjoy the party a little bit! 

March 16, 2015

Monday Morning

Today is rainy and cold so I am happy I have Mondays off...I had pneumonia and spent three nights in the hospital about two weeks ago. So if it's bad weather, I think it's better to stay inside so I don't have any more weird infections and x-rays with shadowy lungs. I am fine and good now!
My coffee and glittery ruby slipper nail polish from H&M. 
Tubby Tippy on David's legs. I've been measuring her food and feeding her less, but she's still a chubby kitty. We need to work on her exercise now. 
 The past few days I haven't been able to put The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins down, I stayed up until 4 AM to finish it. 
R-E-A-D it! Note: My Kindle from 2010 still works great. 
These adorable German ghost cookies. 
Happy lights.
A mommy and her baby lamb born yesterday at Daylesford Farm in the Cotswolds. Photo credit: @CasieBamford on Instagram. 

February 25, 2015


For my thirtieth birthday in January, I decorated the apartment with a bunch of frou-frou from Tiger, my favorite Danish shop that's impossible to walk through without buying something you didn't know you needed. David bought me my favorite pizza from a place called BASE and a delicious assortment of cakes, macarons, and chocolates. Turning thirty wasn't scary at all, I feel like I turned twenty again.
The balloons before they turned into hearts looked like little penises. Tippy loved that I put the flower crown on her. 
Balloons on the balcony. 
The best chandelier candle cake topper.

Party, Party!

I've had this post with some pictures from the bonfires around Palma saved as a draft for a month, but then I got really sick with the flu (I coughed so much that even now my ribs are still sore) and went to London. During Sant Sebastia the whole city celebrated with bonfires in the streets and parades called correfocs where demons would throw firecrackers in the street. There were concerts and DJs all over the city and one night we danced outside until 3 am. I love how often they celebrate in Spain. It seems like there's been something going on every week the last three months. 
This is someone's garage. 
I was really American and made s'mores. 
The demons and the firecrackers. You could dance with them, but you had to keep everything covered or else you would get burned. 
Padron peppers.
Hot dogs and Pep Cola, my favorite Mallorquin Coke. 
Rocky mountain marshmallows. 
The crocodile lighting the fire!

February 8, 2015

Murakami-san no tokoro

I love the illustrations by Masuri Fujimoto on Haruki Murakami's new temporary site where he answers reader's questions and gives advice.
A dog eating a Dunkin' donut, Murakami drinking coffee, and a goat with a record! 
Adorable answer.

January 15, 2015

Café Vlissinghe: The Oldest Pub in Brugge

An amazing part of the trip was going to a 500-year-old pub. We sat down at a long communal table with six other people already engaged in conversation. I felt awkward wondering if we were supposed to talk with them and pretended to play Cluedo until the other people started including us in their conversation. We spent a couple of hours at the table talking with a wonderful group of people from Wales and Scotland as well as a bearded Belgian sea captain and his beautiful blonde wife. As the night went on the Welshman in his thirties fell deep into drunkenness and the people working at the pub stopped serving him because he was so loud, but he made us laugh and we loved him. And speaking of drunkenness, Bruges was extra special this trip because it felt like the whole town was on holiday and everybody was so happy from all the glühwein and beer on the the streets. It reminded me of the ski resort from Hot Tub Time Machine. Oh and p.s. if you like this post read this post about the bar under the church. We were lucky to go there again this trip.

The entrance.
The Belgian sea captain from Ostend on the right. I loved how passionate he was about life and the sea. He pulled out a picture of his ship from his wallet and it really looked like an old pirate ship. I ordered the same beer (the Brugse Zot from De Halve Maan Brewery in Bruges) he was drinking because I wanted to know what old sea captains liked to drink. The captain was filled with jokes so it was fitting that the beer he was drinking was named after fools. Throughout the trip I tried different beers and liked them, but I always came back to the cherry beer.  
The sea captain's wife made us take a picture. My drunk Welsh friend told me about five times that he liked my hat. He told David that he needed to be a real man and grow a real, full beard.
A beer celebrating the pub. 1515-2015.
Miss Scarlet, always a babe.
In Belgium every beer gets its own glass, including delicious Cécémel, an instant hot chocolate. 
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